Panama Day 3: Out to the Villa

We’re having very busy days at the start of our vacation, and then by Monday things will quiet down a lot. On the way out of Panama City with David as chofer we stopped at a bakery to pick up a large cake for the family celebration on Sunday. Not only is it a family reunion in honor of Minga, but it’s her granddaughter Jennisbel’s birthday.

Lily explained to me that it is the custom for a family to be in mourning for a year upon the death of a parent or child. Having the family together is acceptable, but it will be a quieter celebration, no loud salsa music or dancing or drinking. That feels fine to me, and appropriate.

I’m having trouble keeping up with all the wonderful moments, but will cycle back with pics during the week, when I have more time to write.

We arrived at the villa, dropped our bags, had lunch on the beach, went to the village to see Rufina and stop by Minga’s house, stopped at the cemetery, went to the fruit stand for fresh fruit, and did the grocery shopping. Gloria made her famous chicken legs, and we ate well indeed. I got in the water — the pool, as there are jellyfish again this year. Hopefully they move on.

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