Panama Day 3: MInga’s Grave

My friend Sally, who’s come to Panama for all ten years that I have, and her significant other Michael are both Jewish. The custom upon visiting a grave is to leave small stones as markers, and this we did for Minga’s grave. I explained the Jewish custom to Lily and Gloria, and they left a stone too from Sally’s bag.

I’m feeling an enormous amount of emotion since arriving back in Panama, but I find my own writing about Minga a bit detached. I simply can’t get the emotion down on the page. Bear with me while I bring together what I feel with what I’m able to write.

On Sunday: gathering with Minga’s family.

6 thoughts on “Panama Day 3: MInga’s Grave

  1. Minga’s grave is as colorful as she was! What is the name down the center column – Minguit…..? Thinking of you as you process your memories.

  2. for Katie: Her grave shows a lot of love. She wanted to be buried in the ground, not above ground, and she was.

  3. for Phyllis: “Minguita”… means “little Minga.” I never heard her called that, but obviously she was.

  4. I’m not a writer, but I remember when my father died, I didn’t seem to have any reaction……not when I got the news, not at his funeral…………….until several weeks later when I had a dream. In it he said, “I just came to say goodbye.” He had died on LI and we lived in Rochester. Woke up and had what I call a “cleansing cry” for a long time.
    Beautiful grave. Love all the flowers.

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