Why Does Trump Keep His Bromance with Putin Secret?

Marc Thiessen is a conservative Washington Post opinion writer who defends Trump at all costs, sort of like the print version of CNN’s Steve Cortes. I don’t read Theissen’s column, but I noted the headline — which asked why Trump would trust the people around him with Putin notes when even senior aides leak information.

I have no idea what motivates Trump other than infantile narcissism. But I do know why the rest of us want to know what went on in the five meetings thus far where Trump is keeping secret what was said.

  • Trump is extremely vulnerable to flattery. When someone flatters him, he gives away the farm.
  • Trump hears things the way he wants to hear them, not as they were. North Korean Supreme Leader Kim Jong Il apparently didn’t say anything remotely like what Trump reported out after their conversation on denuclearization.  We can’t have strong U.S. policy based on faulty information.
  • Trump is a fabulist, which means that even if he does hear correctly, he makes up fabulous stories which he thinks will play better in the media and enhance his reputation.
  • Trump is always looking to make a buck on any interaction. Rather than representing the interests of the American people, Trump sees the presidency as a way to enrich himself and his family.
  • Trump doesn’t read, has no historical understanding, can’t entertain complex thoughts, and is impulsive. He is, quite simply, a moron when it comes to complex global issues. He has an extremely short term perspective, based on his viewing the presidency as a daily ratings competition on reality TV.

I could probably think of more reasons, but those are the reasons I think we need to know what Trump and Putin promised each other in those meetings. And we need to know before Trump pulls the country out of NATO, giving Putin the biggest win of his career.

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