Speaker Pelosi’s Power Play

The Speaker of the House invites the president to deliver the State of the Union address, and Speaker Pelosi just disinvited Trump until the government is re-opened. Trump can speak from the Oval Office, but he’s not coming to a joint session of Congress unless Speaker Pelosi invites him.

I love this woman. And while there’s not much amusing about the damage the Trump presidency is doing across the board, both here and globally, it is amusing to watch Trump try to get a handle on a woman with a genuine power base of her own. Trump, with his cruel streak, has had a lot of fun tormenting women who needed something from him, or women who crossed paths with him and were defenseless against his predator impulses. Speaker Pelosi is neither, and I think Trump has no idea how to deal with her.

Some panelists on CNN, David Gergen for one, opined that Speaker Pelosi had made a mistake to tie the withdrawn invitation to safety concerns, saying she should have admitted the political nature of her move. I think he doesn’t get Nancy Pelosi. This isn’t a mistake. She’s needling Trump, hoping to trip him into a big reaction. I’d say she has a pretty good chance, and I love watching her work.

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