Conscious Aging: M.O.B.

No, I’m not referring to the 20th anniversary of the great mob drama on HBO, The Sopranos. I’m referencing the fact that I’m about to become Mother of the Bride. Sara invited me to go with her to find a wedding dress, and we had great success. I have a pic, but no reveal until the wedding day. The whole experience was joyful. She is going to be a beautiful bride.

We went to an outstanding off-the-rack place here in Seattle that has a very organized experience: you make an appointment, are assigned a consultant, and that person leads you through a process of trying on gowns and winnowing down what you like and what looks best and what is available by the time of your wedding. Bridget, our consultant, has been in the business for 21 years. She approached Sara with an ebullient attitude which said, “Picking a bridal gown is a wonderful thing, and we are going to find just the right gown for you.” She nailed Sara’s body type and size without measuring, asked Sara a number of questions, and went off to find dresses. One after the other looked just beautiful. Sara finally narrowed down to two, and then one. Sara asked for my input, and I have to say I loved both of her final choices. I couldn’t decide.

I’m not a great shopper, and I imagine the bridal gown search could be daunting. This was not that at all. Bridget made it fun, because it’s an exciting thing to have choices and everything she brought could have worked.

What I think is a most beautiful bridal gown, worn by the most beautiful daughter, did work. What a precious experience, to be part of this. 🙂


I Do Bridal, on 85th and Greenwood, just in case you live in Seattle and are looking.

6 thoughts on “Conscious Aging: M.O.B.

  1. Being MOB is wonderful. I still remember shopping with Cathy for her gown in Rochester in 1987. Continue to enjoy all of it!

  2. Greetings from a Englewood. Has MOB found her outfit? Saw a classy top a while ago that you said was for an event but not the actual wedding attire.

  3. for Joyce: MOB has not. 🙂 Now that Sara has her dress picked, she’s talking with her attendants about what they will wear — long, short, etc, and color. Once that is set and when I get back from Panama, I’ll begin looking. I think MOB should fit with general style and color, but not stand out. Only the bride gets to do that on her special day. 🙂

  4. What a great MOB experience. When I was MOB, we went to many stores before “finding the dress” including Kleinfelds (before “Say Yes to the Dress” was on TV). DIdn’t get the dress there. I still have the gown in my attic.

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