Raccoons: One Week + 2

I was committed to giving you a break from my obsession with the raccoon. Then, when I came down yesterday morning, the bloody thing had not only ripped up the lawn again but triggered the trap you see in the right side of the pic without getting caught inside.

This is, for sure, what my daughter-in-law Amy would call a first-world problem. I will survive the battle with the raccoon, although hopefully it will not survive the battle with me. But I’ve told Trapper Jon my deadline is the return from Panama. I expect the creature to be dealt with by then. Plan B, anyone?

4 thoughts on “Raccoons: One Week + 2

  1. Amy is right. It is a first world problem. But totally annoying, anyway. Hope you lawn is still there when you return from Panama. Trapper Jon has his work cut out for him!

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