Meeting Congresswoman Shrier

Washington’s 8th District was one identified early on as a race Democrats might be able to flip in the November 2018 election. I’m not in Washington’s 8th and I don’t usually give to races outside the area where I live. But I really, really wanted Dems to flip the House. I went to an early fund raiser for pediatrician Kim Schrier, and I was impressed enough to give her the max in the primary, and again in the general election. Kim worked her heart out, got steadily better as a candidate, and prevailed over Dino Rossi by 5+ points. I’m so proud of her.

On Sunday afternoon Louise and I drove to Issaquah for an event introducing the new Congresswoman, which gave us a chance to congratulate Kim. Races are so vicious now, it’s a wonder to me that good people run. Rossi ran some brutal ads. But Kim got her story out, and it was persuasive — which makes me hopeful for 2020.

2 thoughts on “Meeting Congresswoman Shrier

  1. for Katie: I was so proud of her. This is a really red district, so she’ll have to fight to keep her seat. I think she can do it.

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