Conscious Aging: A Zit

I have an honest-to-God adolescent zit. A zit is a clogged pore, so I suppose you can get one at any age. I hardly expected to get one at age 73.  I didn’t have a great deal of acne when I was a teen, so I’m doubly surprised.

No, no pic. That would be TMI, like Beto at the dentist. 🙂

2 thoughts on “Conscious Aging: A Zit

  1. Like you, I have the fair Celtic skin. I see a dermatologist annually and now in my mid 30s I’ve had to have a couple “spots” removed. To this day every time I get a zit (which isn’t often, but happens) I think to myself that it’s completely unfair to be at an age where removing a mole is necessary AND I still have occasional acne.

  2. for Ben: Some good news on the Celtic skin front. My dermatologist said they used to think that sun damage was permanent. But the newer thinking is that if you wear a hat a lot — which I hate but do in the summer — and use sunscreen the skin heals itself. For a couple of years I had several spots removed every visit. Now, I go every 18 months and it’s only the occasional one. I have that under control, but the zit is driving me crazy. I never had them as an adolescent, so not clear why I have one now. 🙂

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