On her Thursday night MSNBC show Rachel Maddow had on a cardio-thoracic surgeon to talk about RBG’s lung cancer surgery. The surgeon wasn’t RBG’s doctor, but he’s done many similar surgeries. He was reassuring that RBG is progressing normally and that her prospects for recovery and return to work are excellent.

I’m a little comforted, but only a little. RBG is going to be 86 years old this spring. If Hillary Clinton had won, RBG would surely have retired. She’s trying valiantly to hang on, in hopes of a Democratic win in 2020. She’s had three different cancers, this lung cancer only the most recent. The operation she had was serious, and even a younger person would take several weeks to recover. Apparently there is no current evidence of disease, and the lung cancer seems to have arisen on its own, not as an extension of one of her other cancers. All of that is good.

But this valiant woman is still turning 86 years old. Maddow said she’s totally freaking out about RBG’s vulnerability, and I have to say so am I.

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