Bolton or Trump on Syria?

Trump can’t get top tier people to work for him, so we’re stuck with re-treads, like one of the architects of the Iraq war, John Bolton. I can’t believe he’s back in a position of power again, after that debacle. It’s a little like bringing Cheney back to be VP. Returning a mythic Cheney in the film Vice is bad idea enough.

Here is the latest Bolton political mess: Trump declares we are getting out of Syria posthaste. Bolton makes a tour to reassure Israel and other Middle Eastern allies that we’re actually not, not until ISIS is really defeated and the Kurds are protected. The DOD begins to move troops out of Syria, because Trump hasn’t done anything to countermand his initial order. Heads must be spinning. Are we or aren’t we?

Trump has made the point over and over that only his voice matters. He’s running the government pretty much the way he ran his small branding business. Alas, a foreign policy built on bluster and bravado isn’t adding up to much.

4 thoughts on “Bolton or Trump on Syria?

  1. According to latest news, they are only moving some equipment out – not troops yet. But even if so, it doesn’t make the chaos any better. And the optics are bad. A pundit several days ago referred to the Trump organization, and now the White house, as “definitely not a Main St. organization……”more like a back street one.”

  2. Our government was designed with three branches to provide checks and balances. It seems we have moved from a President to a dictator with Congress and the Supreme Court disempowered, creating chaos in the nation and the world.

  3. for Katie: The Republicans in Congress are a real disappointment. I supposed the courageous ones in Watergate were not the majority, but they were enough. Now we have no one from that side.

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