Speaker Pelosi and Trump

There’s nothing amusing about the government shutdown. Federal employees aren’t being paid, and the rest of us are harmed less directly by overstressed TSA workers and air traffic controllers, food inspections that the FDA isn’t conducting, drug trials that are on hold… the list is long.

But one thing is really amusing: watching Trump completely flummoxed by Speaker Pelosi. Trump isn’t used to an intelligent, attractive woman with a power base of her own. Speaker Pelosi has no interest in Trump’s money, or his power, or his randy sex life. She’s not cowed by his bullying and his bluster. Can you think of a more complete contrast between Speaker Pelosi and the women — from Melania to Ivanka to the Stepford daughters in law to the very marginalized Tiffany — in Trump’s life?

He has no idea what to do. Speaker Pelosi, on the other hand, has raised five adolescents. She has his number. And he’s not happy….not happy at all.

I love watching her drive him to distraction and temper fits. More to come, I hope.

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