Watching Trump

Trump in the Oval Office reading from a teleprompter is not a good thing. He’s much better freewheeling in the campaign stump speech mode. But I guess whoever wrote the speech for him didn’t want freewheeling in this charged situation.

Trump apparently feels as if he’s winning the shutdown fight, and showed no inclination to compromise. He said a lot of things that were untrue, as usual. Somebody tried to make him appear more empathetic, using language like “crisis of the soul”. That didn’t work. Trump doesn’t have the empathy gene, and it looks and sounds fake when he mouths the words.

Speaker Pelosi and Minority Leader Schumer responded, and they’re not great speakers either. Where was Elizabeth Warren when we needed her? Amy Klobuchar had a good response on Twitter. Maybe she should have been the one to counter on behalf of the Dems.

I hope the Dems stay strong here. If Trump gets his wall he’ll be even more insufferable.

We’ll see who’s winning, as the shutdown grinds on.

There was other news today, about Manafort in contact with Russians who were connected to Russian intelligence, and his sharing campaign data with them. I’m impatient for something to break here. I know that by the standards of special counsel investigations, Mueller is moving quickly. But I’m tired of Trump, tired of his act, and I can’t wait for someone, maybe for the first time in Trump’s life, to hold him accountable.

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