Raccoon News Day 2

Nope. Nothing yet. I’m not too discouraged, as the raccoon wasn’t coming around every night, only every three or four nights. But I’m really, really wanting to go out in the early morning and see that trap door sprung.

2 thoughts on “Raccoon News Day 2

  1. This sounds about like the “expert” who trapped moles/voles in our yard last summer. Over 3 months he caught nary a one. He said they were very smart; they kept evading his tunnel traps. Better luck with raccoons.

  2. for Phyllis: I’m not all that optimistic, although determined to get rid of the raccoon or raccoons. We had voles in Rochester. One year I asked Laurie Broccolo’s team to plant many daffodil bulbs, as I love daffodils in the spring and wanted a blast of color. I think they planted 200. Exactly four daffodils came up, and they told us it would be no use trying again because voles are very hard to eradicate. 🙂

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