Are We or Aren’t We?

We’re pulling our troops out of Syria. Oh wait, no we’re not.

We can’t end the government shutdown because Trump would feel foolish. Oh wait, is the shutdown about Trump or about the Americans working without pay, including many Trump voters?

We have mostly Acting Secretaries in the Trump cabinet, which he likes because it keeps people on their toes and he likes having people worry that he could get rid of them at the drop of a hat. Oh wait, does it matter that Acting Secretaries are less powerful when they work inside the government and around the globe?

We’re winning the trade war. Oh wait, aren’t businesses that rely on the global supply chain really being hurt?

The sheer incompetence of the Trump White House is staggering, even aside from the widespread corruption. I’m shaking my head that 39% of my fellow Americans expect so little, and are satisfied simply by being entertained. I’m looking to the new Democratic House to begin to assert a sure and steady path out of this daily debacle.

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