Treasures that Appear While Cleaning out An Elderly Parent’s Home

John’s dad traveled widely in his younger years, and somewhere in Africa — Tanzania, John thought — this zebra skin was purchased and shipped to Boston. Now it’s at Nicki and John’s here in Seattle, bigger and taking up more space than expected.

Kinda quirky. Maybe it stays, maybe not. πŸ™‚ Great to hang on a wall, if you had a wall big enough. πŸ™‚

2 thoughts on “Treasures that Appear While Cleaning out An Elderly Parent’s Home

  1. Do you remember when we lived in the big white house on Oakwood Avenue and the former owner’s left a lion and a tiger rug? We used to play with them, sittiing on their heads and falling all over them? They were in the basement and never made it upstairs! Do you suppose our parents realized how valuable they were, although very politically incorrect! What happened to them?

  2. for Linda: I remember the rugs, although I didn’t recall which house we lived in when we had them. One of the rugs had a huge head, as I recall, that we sat on. I’m sure our parents had no idea that they may have been valuable or they wouldn’t have let us play on them. No idea what happened to them — maybe left behind again when we moved?

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