Trapper John

I’m always fascinated by what people find fascinating — like how to trap and remove wildlife from urban areas. My latest salvo in the battle with the raccoons is Trapper John of Pathfinder Wildlife Services.  Trapper John arrived with a bit of a Crocodile Dundee vibe. While John was examining the yard to see where the raccoons were entering, I was picking his brain — just out of curiosity. According to John, a remote forested area will contain roughly 3 raccoons per square mile. In the city of Seattle, the number is 70-90 per square mile. Food, shelter and water are easy for raccoons to find in the city, and so here they are.

This is the kind of trap John uses, although the trap isn’t placed yet. He put two traps along what he determined were the pathways for the raccoons, and threw marshmallows around.  Inside the trap is food congenial to raccoons. I have to check the traps every 24 hours, per Seattle law. If we catch something, John will come and deal with it. Apparently any number of things, including rats, skunks, and squirrels, might get caught up in my raccoon vendetta. John basically filled me in on everything he knows about raccoons, including how hard they are to catch. He has a three week long process, flat fee, to catch and remove as many as he can.

John promises that we’ll prevail, one way or another. I live in hope.

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