Getting to Know Seattle: “Imperfect Produce”

There’s a company in Seattle that gathers up imperfect produce, food that is safe and nourishing and fresh but which falls outside the standards that most grocery stores will sell. The fruits or vegetables might be too large or too small, too misshapen, off color — things like that. Take a look at a row of tomatoes next time you go to the grocery store, and notice how uniform they are. Anything that falls outside of that uniform standard either gets donated, discarded — or winds up with Imperfect Produce and sold at a discount to adventuresome cooks.

Sara did this for awhile, and liked it, but stopped because of her travel schedule and the need to cancel her weekly box too often. My friend Nicki does it now. I don’t, because in a weekly box I’m apt to get things I don’t know how to cook and don’t really eat — things like chard or kale. I think you can control somewhat the contents of the box, but not entirely. I feel as if I’d waste a lot of things while pondering what to do with them. But I like the concept.

I was at Nicki and John’s for dinner on Saturday night, and Nicki showed me this giant sweet potato. You see what I mean by “larger than usual.” 🙂

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