Talking to a Narcissist

Speaker Pelosi has given every indication that she’s not going to pander to Trump’s narcissistic stream of consciousness baloney. David von Drehle, writing for the Washington Post, shows why I call Trump a narcissist:

“Love or hate him (or anything in between), no reasonable person can deny that Trump is a textbook example of narcissistic personality disorder. Reading the list of symptoms on the Mayo Clinic’s website is like scrolling through the president’s Twitter: “Require constant, excessive admiration,” “exaggerate achievements and talents,” “be preoccupied with . . . brilliance, beauty or the perfect mate,” “monopolize conversations and belittle . . . people,” “expect special favors and unquestioning compliance,” “have an inability or unwillingness to recognize the needs and feelings of others.”

I mean, even if Trump is Your-Guy-Until-Hell-Freezes-Over, this does sound like him, yes?

Journalist Michael Warren, who used to write for the conservative Weekly Standard that is now going defunct, has a piece in Politico telling Speaker Pelosi how to talk to Trump. To tell a woman who’s raised five adolescents while working in Congress with all sorts of male egos that she has to pander to POTUS in the way that Warren suggests sounds far-fetched to me. But here’s Warren’s road map:

Make Trump feel loved.

Remind him of his campaign promises.

Go on Fox News a lot and talk to Trump from there.

My advice to Pelosi is different. I loved the two-step mauling she and Chuck Schumer gave Trump in the Oval Office when POTUS thought he was going to pull his reality TV show thing on the Democratic Congressional leadership. I ‘d like to see more of that. True, Trump’ s loyal followers won’t care how ridiculous he sounds, but hopefully independent voters still trying to hold out hope that he’s a legitimate figure will care.

6 thoughts on “Talking to a Narcissist

  1. Yes he’s a certifiable narcissist, without question. My concern is how are we going to end the stalemate with the government shutdown, ruining the lives of thousands of Americans? Trump is never going to back down and doesn’t know the “art of the deal”. The Republicans are lost. The democrats need a strategy.

  2. Right on target in describing Trump. I think Pelosi can stand up to him, even though he will continue to use her as a punching bag at his never-ending rallies.
    A post on Facebook yesterday:
    Dear strong woman,
    You are not intimidating.
    They are intimidated.
    There is a difference.

  3. for Katie: I don’t see how this ends either. I wish the Republicans in Congress would develop some spine. I don’t see how Nancy Pelosi can indulge him here, or he’ll be totally out of control going forward.

  4. for Phyllis: I like that. Hoping that just as the Apprentice ratings went down big time, people will also find his rallies wearing thin — especially when there are no tax refunds, paychecks, or TSA people in the airports.

  5. The wall is absurd. But in the spirit of compromise I agree with the suggestion to give him some money for some fencing and technology as a horse trade for Legal protection for “Dreamers”.

  6. for Katie: The problem with any deal is that Trump agrees, then when he sees himself criticized on Fox, he backtracks. You can’t count on a thing he says. I simply don’t know how government functions this way. Oh, wait… it isn’t functioning.

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