Panama 2019: The New Sofa Bed

During my November 2018 trip to Panama, we had that uproarious trip to the Mall — including buying Minga a new sofa bed to sleep on. We were on a lower floor of a department store, where we’d bought a couple of things, and I asked Ana if Minga needed anything else. I was thinking along the lines of a blouse or new underwear or a sweater because she often got cold in the dialysis chair.

“A sofa bed,” Ana replied, telling me that Minga had been sleeping on a cot for the past year in Ana and Raul’s small apartment.

I had the sudden funny mental image of our leaving the Mall with bags of new purchases plus a sofa bed strapped to our backs, but of course that didn’t happen. We went to a higher floor of the department store, where they indeed had sofa beds. Minga chose this one. The back goes down to make a flat bed. She stretched out on it, and seemed very content. Gloria and Lily were there in addition to Ana to help with the choice.

Minga died before the bed was delivered, but Ana tells me that Miley is now sleeping on it. Lord knows what Miley was sleeping on before. I’m happy the new sofa bed is being put to good use, and I know Minga would be glad for Miley to have it too.

2 thoughts on “Panama 2019: The New Sofa Bed

  1. for Katie: We did have fun in the Mall. I think Minga was very happy about the prospect of her new sofa bed, even if she didn’t get to sleep on it. I’m really glad Miley gets to use it.

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