Looking for Wedding Attire

I’ve started looking for wedding attire, and found this — very light fabric, loose and flowing. I don’t see it for the wedding ceremony itself, because the print is far too busy, but for one of the other events. Sara thinks the colors are dark for the tropics — the pants are eggplant — and I agree the MOB attire for the actual wedding should be light and neutral. But I like this and it feels very good on, so think I will keep.


8 thoughts on “Looking for Wedding Attire

  1. for Ada: Will post pics from wedding. These loose, flowing things are great for warm climates, although they are not necessarily slimming nor do they make you look younger. I’m thinking of some of the dresses on the Golden Globes, skin tight and revealing. Lord, do these women eat anything?

  2. I think very small portions and then work out every day with a personal trainer! And genetically, I suspect most are programmed to be thin. But then there’s the actress from This is Us – Chrissy Metz. Sadly, I think she can’t be healthy.

  3. for Ada: CNN has been running ads about a program on style, and Audrey Hepburn is the featured come-on.My goodness she was tiny — a size zero I’ll bet. And gorgeous.

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