Word of the Day: Opsimathy

You know that I love coming across words I’ve never seen before. Here’s one: opsimathy. I came across the word in Susan Gubar’s 2018 memoir, Late-Life Love. Gubar isn’t being pretentious in her writing. She’s a longtime English professor, with a vocabulary and stable of literary references to match.

Opsimathy is learning that begins or continues late in life.

My friend Ada, who is older than I and teaches courses in World War I to other older adult learners, engages in opsimathy. 🙂

Ada herself can be referred to as an opsimath.

Wouldn’t that look great on a business card?

3 thoughts on “Word of the Day: Opsimathy

  1. This is my first time hearing opsimathy. I suppose I am an opaimatg of oil painting, having begun in my 60s.

    My favorite u usual word is epistemology, the creation of knowledge. We are all epidemiologists in something. ( Bot to be confused with an entomologist!)

  2. Wow! An opsimath. Can’t wait to use the word in a sentence, telling people who ask that I am an opsimath.

  3. for Katie and Ada: I totally think both of you should get biz cards — you can order online very inexpensively — with Opsimath under your name. Good conversation starter if nothing else! You are both dedicated to ongoing learning, which is an inspiration to me.

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