Update on Raccoons

The chicken wire carried the day since I last wrote, but after several weeks the persistent raccoon breached the chicken wire barrier and pulled up more sod — just the corners, which may mean the grass is actually rooting. Now my only recourse is to hire someone to attempt to trap and remove the damned thing. The guy is coming on Sunday.

I can hear son Matt shaking his head and saying “Mom, you should have done the fake grass.” He’s probably right — although it was more expensive than sod, it won’t be by the time all this is done. But, I started with sod, and now I’m determined to see it through. Not only is having my sod pulled up annoying, but raccoon feces carry all sorts of diseases, and they can get in the house, creating even bigger problems. I will prevail in this.

Stay tuned.

8 thoughts on “Update on Raccoons

  1. We had a family of racoons when we lived on Bluhm Road in Fairport; mom, dad and three youngsters. We only saw them at night and we loved watching them “play.” They never touched our grass, but it was not new sod, but a lawn that had been there for over five years. The one thing they did do was try to eat the suet we had put out for the birds. The suet was in a small “cage” that had chicken wire, so birds could get suet, but racoons and squirrels could not get it. Those racoons sure tried hard to open it up, but never succeeded. I have to admit, we thought they were cute! I know they are not, however.

  2. for Katie: No raccoon for the last two nights. They warned me that trapping these things isn’t all that easy. The raccoons are often smart enough to avoid the HavAHeart trap, even when loaded with tasty bait.

  3. for Ada: They are adorable, but not when tearing up my sod. Apparently they don’t dig up grass that’s rooted, just sod that is easy to roll up. We had them in Rochester too. At one point we had a mother and babies in the garage, and there is nothing cuter than raccoon babies. I called someone to remove them, though, as I was afraid the kids, who were little, would inadvertently get between the mother and her babies while getting out their scooters or bikes.

  4. We had a family of racoons (at least 5), living in a sewer drain on the hospital campus. I would see them when I drove off in the dark. They trapped them and moved them. Let’s see how long it takes to trap yours.

  5. for Katie: In Seattle if you trap them, you have to kill them or release them on your own property, which sort of defeats the purpose. No trapping and relocating.

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