Writing Life: My Year in the Blog

At the end of each year I take a look at my blog stats, to get a year-long overview of who came, from where, in what numbers, and for what posts. I worked all of my adult life to metrics. Seems as if taking note of the metrics is just something I can’t give up. I don’t earn money from my blog, or even attempt to, so I’m not trying to demonstrate anything to anyone, much less to an advertiser. I just like taking a look. Here, in case you’re interested, is your window into a blog author’s view.

I’ve been writing daily since 2009. I started on my first long trip to Panama, having found Minga again in 2008 while in Panama City with daughter Sara on a consulting trip. Writing the blog, especially in retirement, is a key organizing principle of my day. The way I find something to write about hasn’t changed since I started. During our working years, interesting things come to us unbidden. In retirement, we have to pay attention. If I don’t see three or four things every day interesting enough to write about, I’m not attending to my life and the preciousness of being here. Put in a more positive way, finding the beauty and mystery and humor of life is my personal spiritual discipline.

I’ve written 10,828 posts since I started, and had 625,030 page views. That means my 75,547 viewers read multiple posts. Some readers come every day, some occasionally, some binge now and again, and some come only once for a particular topic they found through a search engine. My biggest single day of readership was March 11, 2011, when there was a tsunami warning off the Pacific Coast and people were frantically trying to get news online to see if their Panama relatives and friends were safe. They found my blog, and I posted numerous times during the day, answering what questions I could.

I have 623 followers, who are people who’ve signed up to be pinged when a new post appears.

My top five commenters are Phyllis, Katie, Ada, J., Joyce.

I had 82,277 page views, slightly up from last year.

My top five countries from which readers came are the U.S., Panama, Germany, U.K., and India. Those countries are followed by Canada, France, Mexico, Australia, Switzerland, Hong Kong SAR China, Brazil, Japan, South Africa, Italy, Czech Republic, Russia, Romania, Netherlands, Spain, Belgium, Poland, Philippines, China, Austria, Indonesia, Viet Nam, Turkey, Thailand, Chile, Hungary, Malaysia, South Korea, Sweden, Cayman Islands,  Singapore, Greece, Bahamas, Finland, New Zealand, Portugal, Ukraine, Saudi Arabia, Egypt, Ireland, EU, Croatia, UAE, Israel, Bangladesh, Norway, Pakistan, Argentina, Denmark, Colombia, Nepal, Bulgaria, Nigeria, Dominican Republican, Venezuela, Kenya, Serbia, Azerbaijan, Slovakia, Puerto Rico, Lithuania, Qatar, Honduras, Congo, Libya, Peru, Armenia, Sri Lanka, Ghana, Slovenia, Paraguay, Georgia, Iceland, Taiwan, Belarus, Jordan, Cameroon, Costa Rica, MacauSAR China, Jersey, Lebanon, El Salvador, Jamaica, Morocco, American Samoa, Luxembourg, Bolivia, Albania, Trinidad & Tobago, Cambodia, Macedonia, Palestinian Territories, U.S. Virgin Islands, Ecuador, Estonia, Cypress, St. Lucia, Faroe Islands, Iraq, St. Kitts and Nevis, Kazakhstan, Cuba, Oman, Brunei, Bosnia & Herzegovina, Sint Maarten, Rwanda, Guatemala, Tanzania, Belize, Myanmar, Sudan, Gabon, Antigua & Barbuda, Uruguay, Aruba, Cote d’Ivoire, Bahrain, Senegal, Uganda, Mozambique, Laos, Malta, Tunisia, Ethiopia, Barbados, Kyrgyzstan, Maldives, Moldova, Curacao, Mongolia, Zimbabwe.

I think that list is very exciting. It still amazes me that someone in Zimbabwe can not only find my blog, but find something interesting there to read.

These are probably the most interesting stats. There are others, like what search engines people use, and what are the most popular posts: the Panama stuff, grand-parenting, and aging.

I love writing, and I love that you continue to read. Thank you for being part of this writing adventure, for sharing your thoughts with me either in the Comments or privately, and for being part of my reading/writing community. Looking forward to our reading/writing life in the new year.


14 thoughts on “Writing Life: My Year in the Blog

  1. Thank you, Pam, for your dedication to writing and for creating a reflective, intellectual, online community, bringing us together to make meaning of what’s going on in our world and in our lives. Much appreciated!

  2. for Katie: Thank you. And thanks for your readership, your thoughtful comments, and your ongoing friendship over the miles.

  3. Follower 624 here. I don’t sign up for the ping to let me know something new is posted. I enjoy the blog and check back often as I like to read your follower’s responses as well.

  4. for Joyce: Hurray! Welcome #624. 🙂 Some people really enjoy the back and forth of reader comments, and some don’t read them at all. I, of course, read and respond to every comment.

  5. for Ada: LOL. You’re a numbers girl too, my friend. Stay in that top 5. You’re actually #3, with plenty of room to move up, so sayeth WordPress. 🙂

  6. Like a certain person we both know whose initials are DJT, I’ll just lie and say I”m number one!!!!

  7. for Ada: His capacity to make things up out of whole cloth astonishes me, although it shouldn’t after two years. Did you hear him say that stupid wall is mostly built? Purely made up.

  8. How about his history lesson on why the USSR invaded Afghanistan in 1979! He needs to read a history book. No, he needs to READ!

  9. Wow. I better get my butt in gear and stay on top again! Geez. You know I love your blog and I love to respond and keep in touch with you. It’s so much better than texting and calling on the phone!

  10. for Ada: I think his father not only pulled strings to keep him out of VietNam, but I suspect Fred made a big donation to get him a degree from Wharton. He clearly doesn’t read — gets all info from TV. Moron.

  11. for J: I’m not much of a chatter on the phone. Love staying in touch this way. And your binge days shoot my stats for that day through the roof. Love it.

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