Green Lake on New Year’s Day 2019

New Year’s day here in Seattle was cold, right around 32 degrees, but sunny. Seems as if half the city was at Green Lake. They have a polar swim there, but I missed it this year. I think the hardy souls dive in rather early, around 9am.

There were adult walkers, little kids on shiny new red bikes with training wheels, slightly older kids on scooters, a few adult bikers, dog walkers, people with walking sticks or canes, and elderly people bundled in blankets being pushed by gray haired relatives. There were joggers and runners and people on in-line skates. Seattle is a dog city, so there were lots of those, all on leashes. Puppies were being coaxed, then pulled, then dragged in something of a forward motion. Eager young dogs lurched and barked at similar energetic dogs, gaming to become head of the pack. A few squirrel chasers practically tore their owners’ arms out of their sockets lunging toward trees. Older dogs ambled pleasantly along, ignoring any distractions. Some people held cups of coffee — the vendor stays open all year. I walk fast; as I passed by others, I heard English, Spanish, French, and Russian I think.

A young man sitting on a bench had a sign saying “I desire a conversation. Will you stop and talk with me?” Someone had.

I notice different things at different times of year. Now, I notice reflections on the water.

2 thoughts on “Green Lake on New Year’s Day 2019

  1. Ok, so he was really sitting there with a sign that said that? Hmmm. That is an interesting tidbit. Fascinating.

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