New Year’s Eve in Times Square

Louise came for dinner, and she’s sleeping over night. No going back down Queen Anne hill with all the traffic from people gathered at Kerry Park to watch fireworks loft into the sky from the Space Needle.

We watched Anderson Cooper and his sidekick Andy Cohen on CNN. I love Anderson and CNN, the other guy not so much. Both of them were drinking tequila shots, and they seemed flat out drunk. No matter. It’s 2019. Happy New Year.

2 thoughts on “New Year’s Eve in Times Square

  1. My nephew who moved to NYC just 8 months ago went to Times Square at the last minute. He did not wait in the pouring rain all day. He wore his “Marine Vet” hat and said many celebrating asked to take their photo with him. He enjoyed the experience. For me, an NYC native, I have never wanted to go to a Times Square in New Year’s Eve. I, instead, enjoyed it via TV from the comfort of my daughters home in the company of my kids and grandkids. Happy 2019!

  2. for Katie: Kearny, where I grew up, was about a half hour from NY on the DeCamp bus. In high school I wanted to go to Times Square, but my mother wouldn’t hear of it. Later, when I could have gone, the allure of standing for hours in the freezing cold or rain had lost appeal. Like you, I enjoy watching on TV.

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