Election 2020: Elizabeth Warren Declares

Looks as if Elizabeth Warren is in for 2020. I’ve always considered her too progressive to be broadly electable, and I think she badly miscalculated the Indian heritage DNA thing. But I heard her speak here in Seattle last year, and she has an impressive ability to make complex economic arguments accessible to people with mid-level grasp of facts. I’m glad she’s going to be part of the scrum.

I’m liking Amy Klobuchar these days, although I haven’t seen her under the pressure of a presidential campaign. After Trump’s foolish flamboyance and 1930’s understanding of the economy, a competent woman in the mode of Angela Merkel might be just the ticket.

4 thoughts on “Election 2020: Elizabeth Warren Declares

  1. As the Democratic presidential race narrows and Super Tuesday is upon us, Ron and I are constantly asking “What would Pam Klainer say??”

  2. I miss her observations She would not like Bernie. She would admire Elizabeth. She would be obsessed with beating the current occupent of the White House

    Pam’s death is such a loss on many levels

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