Media Dilemma: KellyAnne or No

I’m a big fan of CNN’s Sunday morning news shows, but turned off Jake Tapper’s State of the Union when KellyAnne Conway was announced as the lead off guest. There was a big dispute earlier on CNN between Chris Cuomo and Don Lemon, both hosts of evening news shows, over whether KellyAnne should be invited on. Cuomo said yes, with stringent efforts on the part of the news host to puncture her stream of consciousness deflection, misinformation, baiting, and mindless defense of anything Trump does. Lemon said no — those precise patterns make her less than newsworthy. She adds no substance to the discussion.

I’m with Lemon. I think neither she nor the very rude and aggressive Stephen Miller should be given a platform to misinform and inflame. News is about factual information. Neither Conway nor Miller, nor Sarah Sanders, has even a fly-by relationship with the truth. They should be confined to Fox News, with the rest of the Trump sycophants.

2 thoughts on “Media Dilemma: KellyAnne or No

  1. for Phyllis: I can’t stand her, or Sarah Sanders, or the Cortes guy on CNN. Thank God they got rid of Paris Dennard.

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