Read This Just Because It’s Funny

We read things for all kinds of reasons: to be informed, or inspired, to enlarge our understanding of the world, to be comforted, to find wisdom in the words of a kindred spirit or even from an ideological opposite, to martial arguments with facts from sources broader than our own. We read fiction from writers whose sentences are beautiful. We read non-fiction to fill in the caverns of our historical ignorance.

Sometimes we read things just because they are funny. This story, about ordering a box of crickets online to be fed to a pet bearded dragon lizard, is simply hilarious. Enjoy.

6 thoughts on “Read This Just Because It’s Funny

  1. I did enjoy the story. My narrow vision of pets would never include a bearded dragon. However I do remember when Amy had a pet salamander at her dad’s house.

  2. This cracked me up and reminded me of my own bug experience! I ordered a box of ladybugs online to help reduce the aphid population in our community garden across the street. The bug box arrived too late in the day to release the critters so the instructions taped to the outside of the box said to refrigerate them which I did. Thankfully I did not take a peak! Next morning I walked over to the garden and opened the box, also thinking they would be dormant. Thousands of ladybugs began immediately crawling up both my arms and into my clothing. I must have been a funny sight, screeching as I shook myself around the garden, trying to get them off of me and onto the plants.

  3. for Joyce: My nephew Scott had an iguana who lived in the bathtub at the time he got engaged. His fiance’ announced that it was her or the iguana. Happily, she prevailed. I’m not a fan of a bearded dragon either. but think the cricket story is hilarious.

  4. for J: Sounds like something I’d do — although I can’t imagine ordering a box of crickets or having a bearded dragon as a pet.

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