Christmas Day at YaYa and Ben’s: Robot

Archie got a yellow robot for Christmas, which he and Matt put together in time for Robot to come to YaYa and Ben’s for dinner. Robot scooches around the house, a bit like a Roomba. Robot can sense objects in front of it, and changes direction. You can see Ben’s hand in front of Robot’s face/sensor, heading it in a new path. The little thing is oddly appealing and engaging, and I get a slight intimation of how robots are being successfully used to provide company for the frail elderly. 🙂

4 thoughts on “Christmas Day at YaYa and Ben’s: Robot

  1. There are a few moments when I would trade our new puppy for a yellow robot. Would love a non-chewer — but we’ll get through this phase!

  2. for Phyllis: Came upon a young couple walking around Green Lake with a six month old OES. Absolutely darling, and feet like dinner plates. Stopped to chat; this is their first dog as a couple, and they are raising her in a small apartment. Going to be a big animal. Keep us informed with tales of Ruby, and pics as she grows.

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