Christmas Day Dinner: Raclette

On Christmas day, after a hearty breakfast at Matt and Amy’s, I came home for a bit of a respite and to get some exercise. Mid-afternoon, we all went to Sara and Ben’s for more presents and a dinner of Raclette.

This festive shared meal is hard to describe unless you’ve experience it, but all the elements are below. In the center of the table are two long narrow griddles. Vegetables can be grilled on top. The cheese and raw meats are cooked below. Each participants has his or her own little black tray, like the one you see with the cheese piping hot and melted. You scrape the melted cheese onto your plate with your own small wooden spatula. You can have just the cheese, poured over small boiled potatoes and garnished with pearl onions or chopped leeks, pickles, paprika. Or, you can grill raw chicken or beef, and then add the cheese. Or, you can pour the cheese over the cured meats. Each diner gets to have the Raclette cheese as the center of the meal, but customized the way he or she wants.

There is Swiss Raclette and French Raclette. Ben swears by Swiss Raclette, as he says it melts better.

This is quite a feast, and a very fun way to enjoy a shared meal. 🙂

Cured meats

Raclette cheese

2 thoughts on “Christmas Day Dinner: Raclette

  1. for Phyllis: I think you and Art would love the social nature of this meal. Lots of prep, and the heavy emphasis on cheese and cured meats not so good for cholesterol-observant and sulfate-avoidant diets, but yummy and fun indeed.

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