Trump et al: “An Island of Misfit Toys”

Who wants to think about Trump on Christmas morning, snarling and resentful in the White House instead of holding court at Mar a Lago where it’s warm?

I don’t either, but I came across a phrase describing the chaos in his administration using a phrase that is too artfully, deliciously true to be passed by: “an island of misfit toys”.

The phrase belongs to opinion writer Michael Tomasky, writing for the New York Times, in a piece entitled “The Steady Bedlam of the Trump White House”.

“These numbers, while interesting, are not especially surprising to anyone who follows the news. The Trump administration is, to employ a seasonal metaphor, an island of misfit toys. And it’s presided over by a mercurial and minatory chief executive who can’t be easy to work for on a number of levels. (He doesn’t listen to people, he might turn on you in a flash, etc.)

Add to all that the fact of the Robert Mueller investigation, which veritably ensures that anyone who accepts a White House position today will spend years paying for the pleasure. First, literally, as any Trump White House aide is bound to need to lawyer up and eventually pay tens of thousands of dollars in legal bills. And second, reputationally; that parachute on which officials of administrations from both parties typically float off to lush corporate sinecures is, in this administration, made not of gold but of lead.”

Buckle up for the remaining two years of the Trump collection of misfit toys. We’re going from a very few A level people, like Mattis, to B level and C level and below. Watching the gyrations in the market, I’m wishing Trump had at least one competent financial guy in the bunch. Mnuchin’s calls to bankers appears to have made the market anxiety worse.
Think of Christmas dinner at the White House, with Trump and Melania and Barron staring at each other — if they eat dinner together at all — and Fox news blaring in the background. Hard to find any wisp of Christmas cheer there.


2 thoughts on “Trump et al: “An Island of Misfit Toys”

  1. “The Island of Misfit Toys” is an excellent description. It is the opposite of the “mastermind principle” in which a leader hires experts in specific areas and listens to them. Great leaders empower their staff. None of that in this White House team! Why would anyone want to be part of this madness?

  2. for Katie: I think what’s worrisome is that no one really good would want to be part of this incompetent road show.

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