Raccoon Update

The chicken wire is working, but the raccoons continue to test it. They, or it, ripped two pieces apart in the back but didn’t enter the yard. Instead, they went up front and along the side — a first. I’m going to have Gonzalo put chicken wire there too.

The critters are persistent, I’ll give them that.

But never doubt the persistence of a 73 year old Grammie either.

2 thoughts on “Raccoon Update

  1. We have raccoons too but they’ve never torn up grass. They open garbage cans and spread the feast out to eat. They are very good at opening latches and knocking cans down to get inside. You have an exceptional group of raccoons there!

  2. for Katie: I think it has something to do with new sod, which is easy to roll up. Grubs and worms underneath. Driving me crazy.

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