Who Do You Read?

I subscribe to several news sources — NY Times, Washington Post, the Atlantic, New Yorker, the London Guardian — and I read extensively every day. I was moved to wonder how I choose what I read, because even with the considerable amount of time I put in, I can’t read everything. I find that I read as much by journalist as I do by topic. In other words, I always click on a story by Linda Greenhouse or Tom Friedman in the New York Times. I read Robin Wright in the New Yorker, Jill Abramson in the London Guardian, David Farenthold in the Washington Post, Brian Stelter and Chris Cilizza on CNN. Peter Beinart in the Atlantic. I read other things too, but I never pass by a story written by one of these journalists.

How about you? Are you a reader, a follower of current events? Do you read by topic, or by journalist? What’s a topic, or a journalist, that you never pass by unopened or unread?

2 thoughts on “Who Do You Read?

  1. Hi

    I read The NY Times, Huffington Post and Boston Globe online. I read them by topics that interest me. At home Ron reads a lot online and watches CNN, MSNBC and major news at 6 and 11 pm. Ron is always up to date on current events and even if I haven’t read everything, Ron will discuss it at dinner.

  2. for Katie: There’s so much out there I like the idea of having two readers comparing notes. And I love the image of you and Ron talking over dinner. Jerry and I did that — I miss it.

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