Trump Chaos

Trump may be enjoying his brand of smash-mouth chaos, but no one else is. I think Trump tries to create on the outside a mirror image of the chaos he apparently feels on the inside.

He brings too much damage and suffering, most particularly to vulnerable people who can least withstand it, for me to have a shred of sympathy for him. But it must be terrible to be Trump.

2 thoughts on “Trump Chaos

  1. Trump, indeed, is causing terrible suffering. The government shutdown is negatively impacting workers that cannot live without their salary. My nephew, who works as an IT government contractor at Kings Point Merchant Marine Acadmy, fears losing his apartment. It’s very real. In the meantime, ttrump is en route to Mira Lago for holiday festivities. His narcissistic being cates for NO one but himself. It’s a national tragedy.

  2. for Katie: This nonsense is going to continue through Christmas at least, apparently. Shameful. Shame on Trump, and everyone around him.

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