Death of Jakelyn Caal

The seven year old child who died while in the custody of U.S. Customs and Border Protection was from a remote area in Guatemala where a local dialect is spoken, although her father is said to speak and understand some Spanish. I’ll guarantee you that none of our officers on site were able to communicate with the father in his primary language, much less with the desperately ill child. Then officers pressed legal documents in English in front of him, papers he couldn’t possibly read, and made him sign. The situation reeks of border patrol efforts to evade responsibility and divert blame to the grieving father.

Trump, and those emboldened by his cruelty, live in an alternate, upside-down post truth world. I’m constantly amazed at the capacity of Trump supporters and spokespeople to twist any uncomfortable fact into something that constitutes a win by the standards of Trump’s fantasy world.

The death of a child is a very uncomfortable fact, and no amount of spin or blame or deflection can make it a win for anybody.

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