Latest Republican Assault on ACA

There are lots of evident reasons why the decision of a Texas federal judge to strike down the ACA is extremely worrisome. One less evident is that the ACA decoupled health insurance from specific workplaces, making the economy more mobile. Companies who hire a lot of contract workers, like Uber and Lyft, rely on the ACA to make health care affordable and accessible to their drivers. If that accessibility goes away, that entire segment of the economy is hit hard.

Trump thinks the latest ruling is a great thing, despite the fact that neither he nor Republicans in Congress have an alternative.

From the Washington Posts Technology 202 newsletter — which you can Google if you’d like to read or subscribe:

“As Trump cut funding for marketing about the ACA in recent years, technology companies have filled in the gap and launched their own campaigns to remind workers to enroll.

Brent Messenger, spokesman for the online freelancer marketplace Fiverr, said he was “stunned” by the president’s response and said it betrayed a lack of understanding of the U.S. economy’s increased reliance on independent contractors.

“He doesn’t understand what’s going on,” Messenger said.”

Yes, that’s right. Trump doesn’t understand the economy, and isn’t willing to do the work to expand his understanding beyond the New York commercial real estate market and his modest branding business.

The Trump Show needs cracks on a lot of fronts in order to go down. The business community is one. They like his tax cuts and deregulation. They don’t like his erratic influence on financial markets. And they certainly don’t like this foolish potential disruption of the health care markets, just to prove an ideological point.


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