Trump’s Tax Returns

Paul Waldman, writing for the Washington Post, offers a very simple reason why obtaining Trump’s tax returns is essential for the incoming Democratic House:

“But at this point, it’s hard not to assume that if Trump is involved, there’s probably something corrupt happening and it probably means he’s getting paid.

Just consider the following brief roundup:

  • Trump’s campaign is under investigation for possible hidden dealings with Russia and a possible conspiracy to violate campaign-finance laws.
  • Trump’s administration has been beset with a shocking number of scandals of various types.
  • Trump is currently being sued for allegedly violating the Constitution’s emoluments clause, since foreign governments are directing money his way by booking large numbers of rooms and holding events at his properties.
  • The attorney general of New York is seeking to have the Trump Foundation dissolved, citing a pattern of “persistently illegal conduct” that made the foundation little more than a scam devoted to self-dealing.
  • In October, it was revealed in an exhaustively documented investigationthat Trump, his father and his siblings engaged in a conspiracy to commit tax fraud on an absolutely epic scale, to the tune of hundreds of millions of dollars.
  • Trump and his daughter Ivanka Trump repeatedly misled buyers and investors about properties they were developing in order to acquire funding and pump up sales.

So there are allegations and investigations around Trump’s business, Trump’s personal taxes, Trump’s campaign, Trump’s inauguration, Trump’s foundation and Trump’s administration.

We see it in even relatively trivial ways, such as Trump charging the Secret Service hundreds of thousands of dollars to use golf carts to get around his properties when he visits there, or the fact that he has offered ambassadorships to four different members of his Mar-a-Lago club, all of whom have paid him six-figure sums in membership fees.”

What astonishes me among Trump voters is the continued assertion that he’s a “good businessman.” Actually not. He’s a cheat, a con man, and a grifter. Full stop.

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