No one in his or her right mind wants to work for Donald Trump. He’s a miserable, abusive boss — and the hoary hounds of justice are nipping at his heels and presumably at the heels of anyone foolish enough to cast their lot with him. Enter Mick Mulvaney, who crossed that Rubicon some time ago, having been OMB director and until recently, acting head of CPFB. Now Mulvaney will be Acting Chief of Staff, with the chance to drop the “Acting” if the role suits both him and Trump over time.

That’s unlikely. The closer you get to Trump, the more quickly he tires of you.

Think of the small  circle of people willing to be around Trump every day. They trade job titles, moving around like bobblehead dolls as Trump grows bored with them and seeks new faces. Trump’s world is a mile wide and an inch deep. He doesn’t want competence, deep experience or expertise. He wants loyalty that spills over into sycophancy.

You have to wonder about the people who stick around, like Mulvaney and KellyAnne Conway and Sarah Sanders and Pence. Sanders apparently believes that Trump is there as an Act of God, and that she’s fulfilling God’s will to run interference for him. Conway was a mid-level pollster before she landed in the White House — big step up. Interesting to see, if and when Trump goes down in flames, whether she has a career going forward. Pence wants to be president and thinks fealty to Trump is his only chance — he was a lousy governor of Indiana and about to be dumped by voters. No idea about Mulvaney, who was a Freedom Caucus member and seems like a sour little bean counter.

What a bunch of outliers and incompetents — except that they’re doing a tremendous amount of damage to the country. If this Ship of Fools is what Trump voters see as their salvation, God help us.

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