Conscious Aging: Me v. The Raccoons Day 2

Why am  I so engaged with this raccoon issue? Mostly it’s my natural sense of order. I have a beautiful new lawn, and it irritates the living daylights out of me to see corners of the turf rolled up. Part is also the sunk cost of having put in a new lawn, and not wanting the rolled up parts to die. I suppose when all is said and done I’d have been well advised to follow Matt’s lead and install fake grass — more expensive at the outset by a good bit, but apparently raccoons don’t pull that up, and fake grass doesn’t need to be watered or cut or otherwise tended.

Well, the turf is in now, so the battle is joined. My longest stretch without raccoon interference has been five days, and that’s using the spray only and before the motion sensor lights. But Thursday night into Friday morning was another win. I’m not gloating, and hardly think the wily creatures are giving up.

Pammie: 2

Raccoons: 0

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