Power Outages

High winds in Seattle on Friday night, with 37,000 homes out of power — including Sara and Ben. I still have power, and will post Saturday’s entries if power and internet are up. If not, will post on Saturday as soon as I can.

2 thoughts on “Power Outages

  1. Hope the power is back on! Power outages in NY mean no light, heat, or hot water. During Superstorm Sandy we had no power for 9 days. On day 2 we moved to our daughters basement with power, heat and hot water.

  2. for Katie: We were out in Rochester once for 11 days, in the depths of a frigid winter and following an ice storm that had a couple hundred thousand people without all the things you mention. I recall that even the sheets got cold. I never lost power, and will go over to check on Sara and Ben’s house today. They are in NY seeing Christmas lights.

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