Conscious Aging: My New Ring Front Door Bell

How much do you think about your front door? How much do you want to think about your front door?

My new Ring system, which allows me to see and interact with anyone at my front door no matter where  am, is basically cool. The electrician installed the device and got power to it, but I had to follow through with the Ring app to get the thing working. I’m pleased that I was successful.

The system, though, verges on TMI — too much information. I now get notifications if there’s an incident within a 5 mile radius of my home — say, a package theft. I’m not sure blissful ignorance isn’t the way to go here. I’m going to have to reduce the sensitivity of the warnings. I’m getting way more info than I want.

I also get notifications every time there’s motion at the front door, including when I come in with groceries or whatever. I get that the system doesn’t distinguish between me and a random visitor. The system works on motion. But I don’t need to be notified that I came through the door. I already know that.

So, do I like the Ring doorbell system? I think so. Would I recommend that you install? Depends on how much you want to think about your front door. 🙂

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