Conscious Aging: Me V. the Raccoons

I get that in a world where people are starving to death in Yemen, our democracy is going to hell in a hand basket, and Great Britain seems to have totally lost its collective mind over Brexit, my raccoon problems are far down on the triage list. But the nasty beasts are bothersome enough to me.

I also get that no one solution is likely to defeat the wily critters who are rolling up my new turf to find grubs and worms. I’m having some success with a spray I bought at the hardware store, but the spray washes off when it rains. And we’re in the season where Seattle gets a lot of rain.

On Wednesday I had motion sensor lights installed to cover the back yard, and on Thursday morning my new turf was untouched and pristine. I’m hopeful, although not yet ready to declare victory. It is game on, though.

Pammie — 1

Raccoons — 0

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