Flynn Doesn’t Want to Play “Lock Him Up”

Michael Flynn thinks he should incur no jail time because he cooperated with Robert Mueller and because he, Flynn, is a good guy.

Does anyone remember the sneering incivility with which he led the “lock her up” chorus directed toward Hillary Clinton during the campaign? My, what a tangled web we weave. “Lock her up” was great when it was about Hillary, but “lock him up” has a scarier ring to it when directed at Flynn himself.

I think he should go to jail, even for just a few months if that’s all his crimes deserve, just to make the point. He should get exactly as much compassion and decency and respect as he had for Secretary Clinton and those of us who supported her, which is to say none.

He actually did commit crimes, unlike Secretary Clinton. Lock him  up.

4 thoughts on “Flynn Doesn’t Want to Play “Lock Him Up”

  1. for Katie: I suppose. Apparently he became very embittered after President Obama removed him from his last senior post as a military officer. I wonder if he’ll take responsibility for that. Probably not. The people around Trump take their lead from him and don’t own responsibility for much.

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