Don’t Eat the Cookie Dough

My late husband Jerry used to make the best Toll House chocolate chip cookies on the planet — with a nod to his younger sister Amy, whose chocolate chip cookies might just be a tie. 🙂  Part of the fun of Jerry’s massive cookie baking episodes was my sitting across from him while he worked, sticking my finger in the raw dough and ingesting a bit now and then as we talked. Raw chocolate chip cookie dough is really tasty, especially once the chocolate chips are added. I don’t recall him eating it. He was too busy mixing up the ingredients in just the right proportions.

The CDC is reminding people that raw dough can contain salmonella and/or E coli and make people sick. I get that just because I’ve been lucky never to get sick from this particular habit doesn’t mean I won’t in the future. And I don’t bake chocolate chip cookies myself — too tempting for me to eat the whole batch.

But if a mixing bowl of Jerry’s cookie dough was in front of me now, I’d throw caution to the winds. I know I would. Smiling right about now, remembering sitting around the mixing bowl.

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