“Chuck and Nancy”

Trump can’t bring himself to be respectful to incoming Speaker Pelosi, or Senate Minority Leader Schumer. He calls them “Chuck and Nancy”.

The savvy New Yorker — Schumer, not Trump — and the wily Californian Pelosi absolutely rolled Trump in his own reality TV episode of “Averting Government Shutdown”. They came to the White House to talk about getting a budget through. Trump called in the press, and tried to play Big Guy over his silly wall. Remember that wall, the one Mexico was going to pay for?

Pelosi and Schumer rolled him, got him to say that shutting down the government would be absolutely on him. They got under his skin, visibly. He lost his cool; Pelosi and Schumer didn’t. I can’t wait for the gavel to change hands in January. I know people have their doubts about Nancy Pelosi as Speaker. They should watch this interaction. Pelosi rocks.

Pence was the comic relief. Tee up the video of the Oval Office smack down and watch Pence’s face. The late night comics will be at it for days.

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