Nick Ayers Snubs Trump

Anyone who comes highly recommended by Javanka is not likely to be someone I’d admire, so young Republican operative Nick Ayers — who has apparently made his considerable fortune as a political consultant satisfying the ambition of wealthy Republican candidates and donors — is not someone I’d see adding any sort of stability to the Chief of Staff position at the White House. But I think it’s interesting that Ayers turned down the position when offered by Trump.

Trump trusts very few people, and by now it’s evident that placing trust in him is a risky proposition. Everyone around Trump, with the possible exception of Nicki Haley, emerges tarnished and diminished by the rampant corruption coming out of the Oval Office. That means Trump is surrounded by an ever-shrinking group of people, many of whom have difficulty demonstrating competence for the jobs they are offered. Heather Nauert as U.N. ambassador? A joke.

Nick Ayers may have a future in Republican politics, but in his view that future is apparently not enhanced by going to work directly for Trump. So we’re left with the same names: Mulvaney, who now holds two jobs, Mark Meadows, Lighthizer. Chris Christie? He can’t be such a glutton for punishment that he puts himself in Trump’s line of fire for more bad jokes about his weight.

I have this image of Trump, whenever the end of his presidency comes, barricaded in the Oval Office with Janvanka and Melania and Don Junior ready to cast boiling oil at anyone who approaches. Eric will be outside on the lawn yelling about George Conway’s lack of respect. Anyone with half a brain and a perceived future in politics is going to be far, far away — like in Georgia, that bastion of democracy and civil rights where Ayers and his family plan to go.

This is how a presidency ends, not with a bang but a whimper.

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