Trump Courts Joe Manchin

Trump has a high level of political cunning; without it he wouldn’t have won the presidency. Like the dog chasing the car, Trump has no real interest in managing the prize once he wins it. Nor does he like to work hard, preferring instead to gab on the phone with his friends and play golf. But winning is still, to him, everything.

Recent news reports have Trump cozying up to Democratic Senator Joe Manchin. Interesting. Luring Manchin on to the ticket for 2020 — my thought, not that of the pundits — would be an interesting move for Trump. Despite Pence’s doglike devotion, Trump no longer needs Pence to woo Evangelicals. Evangelicals now love Trump all on their own. Does Pence’s loyalty count? Nah. Loyalty for Trump goes only one way.

A ticket of Trump and red state Democrat Manchin could be a game changer. I hope Manchin doesn’t fall for the offer, if made. Everyone in Trump’s orbit sooner or later is drawn into the corruption and lies at the center of this presidency. Even James Mattis is now a diminished figure. Trump also requires unquestioning sycophancy from his underlings — high prices to pay. But Manchin has no path to the presidency on his own. Who knows if he might be tempted?

2 thoughts on “Trump Courts Joe Manchin

  1. for Phyllis: There’s an article today speculating on who would work for Trump, after his trashing of Rex Tillerson. That’s my question exactly. Who would work for Trump?

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