Target Ads: The Persistence Prize

When my online inbox seems to be filling up with unwanted ads, I go into cleanup mode and start hitting “unsubscribe”. Usually after a couple of tries, the sender does in fact delete me and I no longer receive those ads. Target is the big exception. After more than a week of hitting “unsubscribe” on a daily basis, and to no avail, I started trying to divert the Target ads to my Spam folder. GMail learns from what you do with emails, so I figured this would be a sure thing. I’m on my third day of trying that, and so far the Target ads are still showing up in my inbox. Will let you know if I finally prevail.

I like Target the store for certain things, but I surely do not like their persistence in sending me email I don’t want. There’s no one to call here, no human to whom I might complain. I’m working against an online mail subscribe list. I may rue the day I ever gave them an email so they could send my receipt instead of handing me a paper copy, but I’m determined and I will prevail.

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