Hot Gift for Christmas 2018: Squatty Potty

OK, so this thing has been around for more than a year before I’m discovering it as a hot new bathroom gift for Christmas 2018: the squatty potty. It’s a stool that you put your feet on while pooping so that your knees are higher up toward your chest. Supposedly this straightens out your colon and makes pooping easier. Your body comes closer to the position that people since antiquity have used: squatting.

I read a couple of reviews, including this one below, and it looks like squatty potty is more trendy than game-changing, unless you have problems with constipation or hemorrhoids. Then it might help.

The squatty potty strikes me as right up there with the Paleo diet. We assume that because people once did something it’s better than what we do now. I’d also guess that any grandparent who has a small stool for grandchildren to use while washing hands might use that and it would work just fine, without investing in a new piece of bathroom clutter.

I had to use a squat toilet in rural France, and in Dubai. It’s hard on the haunches, especially for older people.

Don’t expect a squatty potty from me for Christmas, but it was a funny name and caught my eye as a topic for a blog post. πŸ™‚

4 thoughts on “Hot Gift for Christmas 2018: Squatty Potty

  1. for Ada: I was going to ask readers if anyone has one, but thought better of it. Glad you volunteered the info! I tried putting my feet up on the kids’ little stepstool, and found it uncomfortable too. πŸ™‚

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