Minga: Beginning the Long Journey to Healing

None of Minga’s extended family has the kind of job that allows for extended time off, no matter how one might be feeling about the death of a beloved mother and grandmother. On Monday, those with jobs to go to, as opposed to Ana who works from home, are back at work.

In the village, the prayer lady from the church is coming for nine nights to lead mourners in the rosary. The prayer lady’s involvement here is a must, as I learned from the events following Gloria’s father’s death. I shall keep to myself the Evil Twin comments about the $90 the church charges mourning families for this service.

Once the nine nights are over, the family will decorate Minga’s home for Christmas. She loved Christmas, and they think it’s what she would want. I think so too.

I know I have pictures of Minga in her living room with a Christmas tree, but no luck finding. Here are some others I came across that you might enjoy.  Ita is Minga’s daughter, and Joelito is Minga’s great grandson, and Ita’s grandson. His mother is Jari.

The next pic down is Minga’s daughter Daira. I thought this was New Year’s, but as I look longer think it might be Daira’s 20th anniversary of teaching. Left it in anyway.

The pic of Minga on the slide is one that I love — from 2015. The hotel in the complex where I rent put in a children’s playground, and Minga announced she had never been down a slide. She found the tall one too daunting, but with the help of her grandson Jorge — laughing as he walks away — she came down the small  slide and was delighted with the whole thing.

On the bottom is Minga at church with Naty at Naty’s confirmation. Naty is the daughter of Margarita, with whom Humberto lives. Minga was not originally thrilled, and Naty — who was five when her mother and Humberto got together — served as the bridge. Minga didn’t have it in her heart to be rejecting of a child, so gradually she warmed to the child’s mother too. This pic signaled Minga’s full acceptance of Naty, and her mother, as members of the family.

Rufina made Minga’s lovely dress, of course. This was pre-dialysis, when life was still good and the village was Minga’s full-time home.

Ita and grandson Joelito.


Minga and Naty

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